The game can be played with either a keyboard or an XBox 360 controller connected to the computer via USB

All options are configurable in the options menu, under 'controls'.

  • Run left: Left Arrow Key/Thumbstick - Move left.
  • Run Right: Right Arrow Key/Thumbstick - Move right.
  • Slide: Down Arrow Key/Y - Your character is lowered into a slide. This can be used to evade obstacles and trip up other players in multiplayer.
  • Jump: Z/A- Launches you into the air. This is affected by momentum, and so your character will continue to travel forwards if you were already doing so.
  • Grapple Hook: X/X - Throws a hook at a 45 degree angle in the direction you're facing, which will attach itself to a white roof upon hitting it for as long as you are holding X. If there is no white roof in the path of the hook, then the grapple has no effect.
  • Use Pickup: C/B - Activates the item you are currently carrying.
  • Boost: Space Bar/Right Trigger - Uses the boost in your speed/boost bar.