Player Level

Player Levels range from 1 to 75 at this time. Upon completing a race you gain experience for participating, winning, and other factors. To reach level 25 it is required that you earn 75,500 experience.


Here are some of the rewards

  • Speedrunner golden
  • Gil beach body
  • Moonraker bikini
  • Super-raged hot head
  • Speedrunner Super—speed

Full List of Rewards

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In Game Items
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Level Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3 Reward 4 Reward 5 Reward 6
0 InvinciDrill Warehouse Remote Bomb Plaza Moonraker N/A
1 Shock Blast Nightclub Fireball Theme Park The Falcon N/A
2 Freeze Ray Casino Powerplant Factory Buckshot N/A
3 Zoo Swift Peaks Library Silo Maneki Neko N/A
4 RiverRunner Blunic Angry Hothead Silver Starchild Gil N/A
5 Ability to play Ranked Champagne Star The Quick Chick Random Level Button Skull Duggery N/A
6 Lethal Spikes The Safari Sniper Unlucky Waving Cat The Great White Salem N/A
7 SpeedHookers Winter Runner Darkside Unic Abominable Hotface Luc J'adore N/A
8 srunneRdeepS The Patriot Pal Intergalactic Investigator The Iron Falcon Sherlock Bones N/A
9 SpeedRockets Stag Knight Ginger Stray Bad Gil JailBird N/A
10 SuperSpeed Scout (RED) Guardian Grim The Crimson Witch Le Diablo Excel/XL
11 SpeedRapture Scout (BLU) The Fuzz Nightwatch Business Excel/XL Burger
12 No Items Strawberry Duggery Goldilocks Magnifique Doctor Smart N/A
13 The Pink Pug Candystripe Convict Formal Excel/XL The Original Mr. Quick N/A N/A
14 Sock Runner Golden Unic Ghostface Runner Flamenco N/A N/A
15 Cosmonight Ms. Milky Way The Raven Beach-Body SpeedRunner Fort Knight N/A
16 White Stag Fortune Favours Banana Gil Velico-T-Rex SummerTime Cosmo N/A
17 Burger, No Bun The Silent Simian The Speedy Scoundrel The Speedy Splash Stampede N/A
18 The Poisonous Paladin Dino Light Jack-O-Lantern Solar Flare Banshee N/A
19 Zombie Burger Banana Split Bumble Bonsoir Sunny-Side Speedo Bloodhound N/A
20 Silver-Age Speedrunner The Blue Bobo Jailbreak Solar Eclipse Casual Excel/XL N/A
21 Bubble Knight Jurassic Dark Fast Food The Lotioned Locomotion Nurse Nice N/A
22 The Quick Crusader Rodeo Blanco The Fiery Fortress The Sunshine Soviet Fossil Fool N/A

Character Skins
Game Options
In Game Items
Possibly not the official name*

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