Player Level Edit

Player Levels range from 1 to 23 at this time. Upon completing a race you gain experience for participating, winning, and other factors. To reach level 23 it is required that you earn 50,000 experience.

Rewards Edit

Here are some of the rewards

Full List of Rewards Edit

This is a full list of rewards. All information on the list was collected on 6/22/2015. The rewards are most likely only meant to give 5 per level and there is just a glitch on level 10, 11 and 13, 14.

1=In Game Items 2=Game Options *=Possibly not the official name. c=Character m=Map

Level Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3 Reward 4 Reward 5 Reward 6
0 InvinciDrill1 Warehousem Remote Bomb1 Plazam Moonrakerc N/A
1 Shock Blast1 Nightclubm Magmaball1* Theme Parkm The Falconc N/A
2 Freeze Ray1 Casinom Powerplant Factorym Buckshotc N/A
3 Zoom Swift Peaksm Librarym Silom Maneki Nekoc N/A
4 RiverRunner Blunic Angry Hothead Silver Starchild Gilc N/A
5 Ability to play Ranked2 Champagne Star The Quick Chick Random Level Buttonm Skull Duggeryc N/A
6 Lethal Spikes2 The Safari Sniper Unlucky Waving Cat The Great White Salemc N/A
7 SpeedHookers2 Winter Runner Darkside Unic Abominable Hotface Luc J'adorec N/A
8 srunneRdeepS2 The Patriot Pal Intergalactic Investigator The Iron Falcon Sherlock Bonesc N/A
9 SpeedRockets2 Stag Knight Ginger Stray Bad Gil JailBirdc N/A
10 SuperSpeed2 Scout (RED) Guardian Grim The Crimson Witch Le Diablo Excel/XLc
11 SpeedRapture2 Scout (BLU) The Fuzz Nightwatch Business Excel/XL Burgerc
12 No Items2 Strawberry Duggery Goldilocks Magnifique Doctor Smartc N/A
13 The Pink Pug Candystripe Convict Formal Excel/XL The Original Mr. Quickc N/A N/A
14 Sock Runner Golden Unic Ghostface Runner Flamencoc N/A N/A
15 Cosmonight Ms. Milky Way The Raven Beach-Body SpeedRunnerc Fort Knightc N/A
16 White Stag Fortune Favours Banana Gil Velico-T-Rexc SummerTime Cosmoc N/A
17 Burger, No Bun The Silent Simian The Speedy Scoundrel The Speedy Splash Stampede N/A
18 The Poisonous Paladin Dino Light Jack-O-Lantern Solar Flare Banshee N/A
19 Zombie Burger Banana Split Bumble Bonsoir Sunny-Side Speedo Bloodhound N/A
20 Silver-Age Speedrunner The Blue Bobo Jailbreak Solar Eclipse Casual Excel/XL N/A
21 Bubble Knight Jurassic Dark Fast Food The Lotioned Locomotion Nurse Nice N/A
22 The Quick Crusader Rodeo Blanco The Fiery Fortress The Sunshine Soviet Fossil Fool N/A

1=In Game Items 2=Game Options *=Possibly not the official name. c=Character m=Map