Here are a few tips for the game, so you don't fall on your face against people or even bots.


  • Avoid the traps!: Well Duh! But little do you know, boxes can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy in a pub match. I have seen people that are giving perfect rounds and then one box cost them the game. Overall, DON'T DO IT!
  • Don't go against the flow: This game is about keeping pace and leaving your enemies in the dust. Turning around to get a missed power-up may cause you to be left in the dust.

Sliding: At some point in the level you WILL have to slide, unless running into boxes is your thing. But sliding can also be useful apart from just getting through narrow places.

  • Slide to knock people over: Sliding past your opponents can knock them down, giving you that edge you need to win.
  • Be sure to slide only when needed, as it may slow you down.
  • Sliding on hills will give you a huge boost, especially when landing near the end of one after a big fall.

Grappling: This is one of the most important abilities in the game that can make or break a successful run.

  • Grappling timing: This is the most important aspect of grappling. Improper timing can make all the difference in winning or losing. As such it's important to time the launch, swing and release
  • Swinging is faster than running: On levels with a lot of grapple surfaces, using them will be faster than running, and may also allow you to use a path with less resistance.
  • Switchback boost: An advanced maneuver that requires a turn midair before a grapple can result in a free boost.